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Happy Birthday to my daddy! What a great gift as the Super Bowl - I just wish your dolphins were playing for you. I love you papà. 😂😘👪
That’s a good looking group 😍😉😝  (at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant)
Mama cat 🐱
The true princess, Alessandra 🎀👑👶 @claudia_r333
Alessandra’s Baptism. Meet her #GodFather.
💙 Love is many things and luckily, I found them with you @luis_rodriguez13
Homemade Coquito by yours truly, Chef Patricia #HolidayDrinks #Rum #PueritoRican #Coquito #Homemade #ChefP
Birthday Girl! 👏👑👯💙🎂 (at Segafredo Brickell)
#latepost #gabbagabba #babygirl  (at The Bar)
This guy has my heart. 💙💑😘 (at Wood Tavern)